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(excerpted from an email to our members)
Every time I compose a message in my head that I want to share, things have changed by the time I actually sit down to write.  I hope that all of you, your family and your communities are healthy at this time.  I hope that your working from home or your time off of work or whatever your current daily workday situation and routine (or lack thereof?) is, that you are able to find positive, constructive time for yourselves and with your families.  

In this unique time it is important for us to stay informed, make good decisions that will help all of us get through this time as safely and efficiently as possible and to stay connected in any way we can.  I believe this is a time for our community here at SFBA NARI to be creative and make the efforts to keep us connected.  We are all, worldwide, in the same boat here and all of us as SFBA NARI members share one spot on that boat.  We are an amazing, informed, creative, diverse and experienced group of individuals and businesses that can listen, support and be a back stop to the thoughts and feelings we are all having.

I am sure all of you have received so many e-mails, watched and listened to too much news and have read many of the articles out there about the hourly/daily unfolding of COVID-19/Coronavirus.  I am also going to assume that you, like me, are wondering, even anxious, about how this is going to impact our lives and our businesses.  I don't feel I need to repeat the messaging, but I do want to reach out to let you know that your leadership team is looking at different ways we can support you during this challenging time. 

I want to hear from you.  Together, we'll get through this and together we will heal. 


what's up next:

  • Virtual Happy Hour for members:  This will be the new networking for members
  • Virtual Lunch & Learns:  Informative topics from industry speakers
  • Bay Area Remodeling Awards:  the "Remmies" will relaunch in July with the celebration being held in the Fall.
  • Member to member connections:  New ways of social engagement at a distance!


Virtual Happy Hour

April 01, 2020
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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Virtual Happy Hour
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