Board Duties & Responsibilities


 Directors serve a two-year term in office. Each Director shall serve as a liaison to committee or task force (in some instances, they will serve as committee chairman).

 Duties & Responsibilities

  • To manage the affairs of the Chapter

  • To determine its policies and procedures,

  • To determine its publications, programs, and public positions

  • To interpret itself or consult counsel to interpret the bylaws and/or Chapter policy

  • Is responsible to see that notices of meetings are delivered to the members

  • Consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer), the immediate past president, and such other officers as the Board may prescribe and directors prescribed in the chapter’s bylaws.

  • Each takes office on the first day of the Chapter’s fiscal year and holds office until the last day of that fiscal year and until his successor shall have been elected and qualified.

  • Unless elected as an officer (see definition below), no director serves more than three (3) consecutive terms.

  • Meets at such times and places as it may designate, provided that it meets not less than once each fiscal year.

  • Special Meetings of the Board may be called by the President or at the request of any four directors.

  • Are not allowed to vote by proxy.

  • Contributes to the Board’s Quorum which allows for the transaction of its business at any meeting of the Board.

  • Official Acts require a majority of the Board present at a meeting at which a quorum is present, unless the act of a greater number is required by statute or these bylaws.

  • Vacancies: Any vacancy occurring on the Board and any directorship to be filled by reason of an increase in the number of directors, may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Directors, even if less than a quorum. A Director appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve for the unexpired term of his predecessor.

  • A Director may not receive any compensation for their service, but the Board may authorize reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by directors in fulfilling their responsibilities.


Officers are elected annually and are defined as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer), Chairman of the Board (automatic position as immediate Past President), and such other officers as may be elected are:

 Position Specific Duties & Responsibilities

 President is the principal elected officer of the chapter.

  • In general, performs all duties incident to the office of President and such other duties as may be assigned by the Board from time to time.

  • Presides at all meetings of the Board and the members.

  • May sign, with one other officer or the Executive Director, any deeds, mortgages, contracts, or other instruments which have been authorized by the Board.

Vice President:

  • In the absence of the President, or in the case of his inability or refusal to act, performs the duties of the President.

  • Is the liaison between the Membership Committee and the Board and oversees all membership recruitment and retention efforts of the chapter.

  • Performs such other duties as may be assigned to him from time to time.


  • In general, performs all duties incident to the office of Treasurer.

  • Has charge and custody of the funds and securities of the chapter.

  • Is responsible for the collecting and receipt of all monies due to the chapter

  • Is responsible for the prompt payment of any financial obligations

  • Is responsible for the annual filing of tax returns as required by the state and IRS.

  • Ensures the prompt deposit of all monies in the name of the Chapter.

  • Reports the financial condition of the Chapter to the Board at each of its meetings, the members at the annual meeting, and at such other times as requested to do so by the President or the Board.

  • Prepares or oversees preparation of an annual budget for approval by the Board at its first meeting of each fiscal year.


  • In general, performs all duties incident to the office of Secretary.

  • Keeps the minutes in one or more books or electronic data storage of the annual meeting of members and all meetings of the Board of Directors.

  • Sees that all notices are given in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws, or as required by law.

  • Is responsible for the filing of reports of the corporation as may be required by law.

  • Keeps, or oversees the keeping of, a list of the members and their contact information.

  • Notifies board members of time, place and frequency of Board meetings.

Appointed Officer – Executive Director

  • Is defined as a salaried employee of the chapter and is the chief administrative officer of the Chapter.

  • Reports to the Board.

  • Performs all such duties as may be prescribed by the Board in an Executive Director Job Description (sample available from NARI Chapter Services)

  • Has the authority, subject to budget limitations, to hire such other employees as may be necessary to maintain the records and carry out the work of the Chapter.