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2017 has been a year of so many changes, upsets and victories.  We started the year out with a new U.S. president, saw our beautiful Santa Rosa and Napa area devastated by fires, and witnessed so many who became heroes during times of great need.  California is a beautiful state and NARI members are here to help keep that so!

On behalf of us all, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, a joyful and prosperous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Sally Power, Sally Power Interiors, Chairman of the Board
Michael Roth, CR, CRPM, The Lawson Roofing Co., Inc., President
Alisa Hofmann, UDCP, Design Set Match, Vice-President
James Tibbs, McCutcheon Construction, Inc., Secretary
Steve Swearengen, the Architects Office, Treasurer

Treve Johnson, Treve Johnson Photography
Mark Calender, Calender-Robinson Co., Inc.
Spencer Wolfe, CLC, Alward Construction Co., Inc.
Catherine Baldi, Arana Craftsman Painters
Tony Contreras, California Shower Door Corp.

Brenda Kress, Just Imagine...
Courtney Montecino, Virtual Assistant

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Chapter Meetings

Monark Premium Appliance Company and LG/Signature Kitchen Suite invite NARI members and their guests to celebrate the season at their new showroom in San Francisco.  Monark is known for their good food and welcoming showrooms - this will be no exception.

Children's Clothes Drive!  We are asking everyone to bring an item (or items) of children's clothing in various sizes. Clothing items will be distributed to organizations assisting with needs associated with the fires and/or children experience homelessness. HDR Remodeling shared a great resource: "We got a great deal from  Everything is gender neutral and when we called them and told them it was for a clothing drive, they paid for expedited shipping and gave us 20% off.  They hire stay-at-home parents to answer their customer service calls".  You may want to reach out to this company.  We can use jackets, hats, blankets, warm clothing.   If you aren't going to make the meeting and still want to contribute, contact COURTNEY to make arrangements.

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Board Elections

Elections will be held on Wednesday, December 13th at our Annual Holiday Party.  One vote per member company. Nominations will be accepted from the floor, as well.  The vote will be taken via voice unless any position becomes contested.


President: Alisa Hofmann, UDCP, Design Set Match
Vice-President:  Spencer Wolfe, CLC, Alward Construction Co., Inc.
Secretary/Treasurer: Steve Swearengen, the Architects Office


Nancy Spooner, TheHomeMag
Chris Fellows, HDR Remodeling, Inc.
Catherine Baldi, Arana Craftsman Painters
David Hansen, Segale Bros.

Remaining on the board for the 2nd half of term:  Tony Contreras, California Shower Door Corp.  Mike Roth, The Lawson Roofing Company, Inc. will serve as Chairman of the Board.

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Bay Area Remodeling Awards

Start getting your entries ready!  This competition is open to all members of SFBA NARI, NARI of Diablo Valley and NARI North Bay.  Here are some things to note:

Entry informational packets containing all information needed in putting together your entry can be accessed at SFBA NARI  

Early registration is open now and saves you 10% on each entry. This offer ends on 1/31/18.  CLICK HERE to download the document.  Once received, staff will send you an invoice that can be paid electronically or via mail by check.

Entry Sample:  There is a sample entry posted to the website.  This will be a good one to use as a model for putting together a winning entry. It has all the components needed.  CLICK HERE for sample entry.

Training:  There will be two types of training offered. 

1) You may set an appointment with Brenda Kress (415-391-2886) to review the contents of the entry packet and how to fill out the forms that will be uploaded to the entry site when it goes live.  

2) As soon as the entry site is live, we will hold virtual training on how to upload to the site. Participants will be required to be in front of a computer, so they can follow along on how to login and enter.

 ENTRY TIP #1:   SUBMIT HIGH QUALITY PICTURES. If an impressive remodeling project isn’t captured well by the camera, it won’t impress the judges. Although professional pictures aren’t required, good quality photos are essential. Photographs are the most important part of the entry, and they strongly influence the judge. Remember that winning projects may be FEATURED in magazines, and possibly even on television. The media demands top quality pictures.

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Legal Corner

1991 East Bay Hills Fire; 2017 Santa Rosa Fire

Bathtubs.  Chimneys.  Weber barbeques.  As one walked past the destroyed structures in 1991 East Bay Hills Fire, that was all that was left.  I am certain it is the same up in Sonoma and Napa Counties now.

The East Bay fire occurred in October 1991.  It came within a quarter mile of my house.  We had packed up two cars with irreplaceable valuables, and two bottles of scotch.  The cars and kids went over to the in-laws in San Francisco; I and my nephews spent the night at the house because looters were wandering the neighborhood.  READ MORE...

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Upcoming Events

We bring your clients to you! The Programs & Locations Task Force is already filling the 2018 calendar with engaging topics and interesting locations.  If you'd like to offer your location for a chapter meeting, contact us.  

Meeting host provides:
- a location which can accommodate up to 50 people and is located in San Francisco or the East Bay

- the food and beverages
- assurance of adequate local parking available (street parking after hours may be fine in many cases)

Chapter will provide:

- promotion of your logo and company in advance emails and on website announcement
- opportunity to speak in front of attendees (or have your co-sponsors speak)

- list of contacts and emails of all attendees
- after event email with pictures and your logo



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